The World-Wide Web at War

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Maps. Graphics.Video, all the scenes and sounds of war–a mere mouse-click away. From those Civil War days when crowds gathered outside the local telegraph office for news, through the radio dispatches from World War II and the TV coverage of Vietnam.

Now, we’re watching war play out in real time, with streaming video on the web. Log on to one site and you can watch the bombs fall on Baghdad. Click another to read weblogs: the on-line journals and diaries from the home-front and the battlefield. Some dismiss these alternative war sites as the work of computer geeks with too much time on their hands, others praise them for countering the mainstream media and keeping it honest. Choosing the news and judging the accuracy of the new digital town crier.


Dean Wright, Editor in Chief of

Howard Finberg, Presidential Scholar at the Poynter Institute

Sean-Paul Kelly, Founder of weblog at