Photojournalists Under Fire

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The legendary war photographer Robert Capa once observed that, “It’s not always easy to stand aside and be unable to do anything except record the sufferings around one.” But he did it anyway. Numerous others have followed him onto the battlefield, trying to capture brutality, atrocity and humanity with a camera. Navigating between danger, and the moral confusion of being a silent witness, photojournalists will tell you that sometimes the most graphic and telling photos will never pass in front of the public eye.

Renowned photographers Ron Haviv and Christopher Morris know intimately the complexities and responsibilities of war journalism. They’ve covered countless conflict zones around the globe, most recently, in Iraq. Chroniclers of war: Those who shoot with cameras.


Ron Haviv, Newsweek contract photographer and founding member of the VII photo agency. Also the author of “Afghanistan: The Road to Kabul”;
Christoper Morris, Time contract photographer and founding member of VII photo agency.