The Education of Ashley MacIsaac

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When Ashley MacIsaac first appeared he was a teenage prodigy with a scary haircut, nothing under his kilt and a frightening virtuosity with the fiddle. The musical elite embraced his talent. Young punk rockers thrilled to his onstage energy and antics. And enough fans bought his record, “Hi, How Are You Today?” to make it a multi-platinum hit. He had, as they say in marketing circles, “cross over appeal.”

He also had a crack problem. So when Ashley MacIsaac took a very public dive from propriety, fame turned to infamy, harmony to discord. But he’s back, this time with a self-titled CD that blends traditional Cape Breton fiddling with his own bluesy vocals. Ashley MacIsaac: ready for his comeback, and my guest.


Ashley MacIsaac, Cape Breton fiddler