Crisis in the Congo

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The war that is not making the news is in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For years now, conflict has ravaged both the land and the people there. Three to five million people are dead. The battle is essentially between two local tribes sparring for control. But they are backed by a wide cast of political manipulators and neighboring militias.

Seven hundred UN peacekeepers were trying to bring order in this isolated area, but they are no match for the thousands of soldiers. They’re barely able to help all the refugees, crowding into their UN compounds. The UN’s Human rights commissioner recently said that although the world’s attention is on Iraq, “Congo is truly the immediate problem. But who is paying attention?” The crisis in Africa and the consequences of doing nothing.


Scott Campbell, Africa Program Consultant to the International Human Rights Law Group in Washington DC

Will Ross, BBC reporter based in Kampala, Uganda

Humuli Kabarhuza Baudoin, Director of the Kinchasa based NGO Cenadep, which focuses on peace and conflict resolution, human rights and democratic development, and community development in the DRC.