Roadblocks For The Roadmap

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Roadblocks on the roadmap to peace. Two weeks ago, Israeli Prime MInister Ariel Sharon met with his Palestinian counterpart, Mahmoud Abbas. Just before the meeting started, the two men got news of a suicide bombing at a Jewish settlement in Hebron. It was the first of five consecutive attacks by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Remarkably, the meeting between the two leaders, went ahead, as planned. Since then Hamas has announced it is willing to consider a ceasefire.

Many within the Palestinian Authority and in Israel are skeptical. In the first of two programs examining roadblocks on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides, today we look at the role that Hamas may play in the peace process, and what the push towards peace means for Palestinian militants.


Ben Lynfield, Reporter for the Christian Science Monitor and The Scotsman, based in Jerusalem

Jonathan Schanzer, a fellow at The Washington Institute, specializing in radical Islamic movements

Ismail Abu Shanab, spokesperson for Hamas.