The Outspoken Clare Short

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One hundred and twenty two thousand words. That’s a lot of ink, and that’s what the British press spilled on Clare Short’s resignation from Tony Blair’s cabinet last month. And for good reason: ever since the working-class feminist from Birmingham was elected to Parliament 20 years ago, she has made a career out of candor.

Clare Short has spoken out on everything from the tawdry page 3 girls of The Sun newspaper and political donations from porn providers, to calling Tony Blair’s leadership “reckless.” But she’s never been more forthright than she was yesterday. In a House of Commons inquiry, Short claimed the Prime Minister had a secret deal with George Bush to go to war and that Blair lied about information he had on Iraqi weapons. The long and the short of this Anglo-American alliance


Clare Short, Labour MP and former U.K. Secretary of International Development in Tony Blair’s cabinet