WMD: A Weapon to Motivate the Democrats?

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White House in the cross hairs; Democrats at a crossroads. As questions mount about the Bush Administration’s pre-war intelligence, from Al Qaeda links to aluminum tube discoveries, some political strategists and White House watchers say the time is right for Democrats to make political hay of a White House in overspin.

Spotlight the exaggerations of the Iraqi weapons threat. Highlight the potential deception that drew the nation into war. And seize on popular support, and future votes, in the process. Not everyone in the party feels that way. Don’t rehash what Bush knew and when he knew it, they say. Whether Americans were misled or not, the Dems need more than missing weapons as ammunition for 2004.


Peter Beinart, Editor of The New Republic

Jeremy Rosner, Democratic pollster and Vice President of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research in Washington, DC.