Doubtful Intelligence

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The subject is intelligence. And not the animal or emotional kind. The kind that spies, secret agents, and moles gather. The kind of information that a country can’t prosecute a war or protect its borders without. The kind that foreign governments, and even our own government, don’t want us to know. The kind that is never, never, never, supposed to make its way into the headlines.

Since September 11th America’s intelligence services have been sorely lacking this kind of information. And while some call for the scalp of CIA director George Tenet, he remains securely at his whipping post, a perpetual fall guy for an administration that is setting new standards for politicizing state secrets. Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh is the chronicler of this secret process and he has something to say about it.


Seymour Hersh, staff writer for The New Yorker

Frank Anderson, CIA’s Near East Division Chief from 1991-1994.