Sole Survivor

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Allen Boyd is the only member of his family left. All the rest, died by their own hand, victims of suicide. First, he lost his mother Sara, an elementary school teacher with movie star good looks. Next, his twin brothers, one from a shot to the head, the other from injuries sustained when he tried to jump through a plate glass window. Then, his sister, Ruth Ann, the golden child of the family, the one everyone thought would beat the family curse. And then, three years ago, after pleading with him not to give up and give in to his grief, Allen Boyd lost his beloved father.

This hour, a story, stranger than fiction, about love, loss and what runs in families. The Boyd’s of Chunns Cove, North Carolina.


Allen Boyd Jr., the sole survivor of his family — his parents, brothers and sister were all the victims of their own hand

David Jobes, Professor of Psychology at The Catholic
University of America and past President of the American Association of Suicidology.