The Volkswagen Bug

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The Volkswagen Beetle — the original people’s car. More than any other motor vehicle, it defined the post-war generation. It was the car that crossed every kind of social line.

The air-cooled tin can featured on the cover of Abbey Road, was the fancy of Andy Warhol, and the muse for “Me and Bobby McGee.” It was the darling of Disney, and driven by the likes of Paul Newman and Charles Manson in real life.

And tomorrow, the very last original design VW Beetle will roll off the assembly track in Puebla, Mexico. The car that defied the odds and stood the test of time. Bidding goodbye to the little car that could and did — the Volkswagen Bug.


David Kiley, Detroit Bureau Chief for USA Today, author of Getting the Bugs Out: The Rise, fall and comeback of Volkswagen in America

Dan Ouellette, contributing writer to the San Francisco Chronicle, the New Yorker’s special sections, jazz critic for Downbeat magazine, and the author of The Volkswagen Bug Book: A Celebration of Beetle Culture

Lois Grace, founder of the bimonthly newsletter, Frauline, columnist for VW magazine, commonly known as the Volkswoman.