New Targets and Terror in Iraq

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Terror unleashed in Iraq. The names and faces behind yesterday’s attack on the UN’s headquarters in Baghdad are unknown. But coming after the suicide bombing of the Jordanian embassy, and the sabotaging of an oil pipeline 3 days ago, it is clear that Iraqi resistance has entered a new deadlier phase.

Most on the ground agree that die hard Baathists, blamed for many of the earlier attacks on U.S. troops, are getting a lot of help these days, or are now just a sideshow. Militant Shiites, and soldiers on Jihad from Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia all seem to have found their purpose in Iraq. Bringing chaos, death and instability, they are undermining already faltering coalition security efforts, and making Iraq look more like the terrorist state, the war was meant to prevent.


Col. Gary Anderson, USMC (Ret.), urban warfare expert

Magdi Abdul Hadi, Arab affairs editor for the BBC

Michael Ware, Time Magazine correspondent.