Prison Justice

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John Geoghan was getting what he deserved, 10 years in jail for fondling a little boy. He was also due to be tried for sexually abusing dozens of others. The formal justice system was taking care of the defrocked Boston area priest. But that wasn’t the way other prisoners saw it.

Once behind bars, men like Geoghan are considered the lowest of the low, pedophiles rank just below snitches in the prison hierarchy. So the brutal weekend murder came as a shock to many, but was no surprise to those who’ve worked or done time in a prison. They say Geoghan, a high-profile pedophile, had a big bullseye on his back the day he left the courtroom, and that without extra protection, his murder was just a matter a time.


Roger Thomas, Deputy Warden of Treatments at the York County Prison in York, Pennsylvania

Michael Rezendes, reporter for the Boston Globe Spotlight Unit

Ted Conover, author of “New Jack”