A Polemic Against Love

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Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not even lust in your heart. And, remember kids, marriage isn’t easy. It’s hard work. Well, Laura Kipnis wants to know if we ought even to be calling it love, if it’s also hard work. She’s written a book that questions what she calls one of the last taboo topics in American society: the very suggestion that marriage, or long-term partnerships, can deaden the fire of sexual desire.

She calls her book a polemic. It’s not a balanced approach. She calls it a “thought experiment.” She wants you to share her questions about “that which ought not to be questioned.” It’s partly a tilt against the church and state windmills of marriage. It’s partly a writer asking herself if these questions can even be asked.


Laura Kipnis, Professor of Media Studies, Northwestern University, author, “Against Love: A Polemic.”