Internet Spying

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If you think you are the only one reading your work email, think again. A new survey of major businesses shows most monitor their employees’ email and internet access. That means your supervisor and the folks in the tech department could be reading everything you type, from that friendly email to your honey, to the help-wanted site you visited during lunch.

Many companies tell employees that the computer is for business, but be honest, who hasn’t emailed friends, checked the sports page or swapped the latest work gossip. And as most Americans spend more time at the office, it’s getting harder to leave all personal business to after hours. Cyberspying at work. Who’s reading what, why businesses say they have no choice, and why most people don’t even know they are being watched.


Mark Rowe, Senior Research Associate, Center for Business Ethics at Bentley College

Lewis Maltby, President, National Workrights Institute.