Dirty But Clean Pierre

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The Texas town of DBC Pierre’s imagination is filled with Jerry Springer characters in garish shades of neon, which is too bad, really, because Martirio, Texas is a place where folks like their truths to come in black and white.

And that’s why the book’s eponymous hero, the 15-year old Vernon God Little, can’t catch a break. He still remembers when congestion at the drive thru on a Saturday night was his biggest headache. Now, it’s being the best friend of a lonesome loser who killed sixteen of his classmates and leaves him to take the blame. Redemption is hard to come by in Pierre’s debut novel. But by awarding it the coveted ManBooker prize for literature, judges in London proved that truth can be more forgiving than fiction.

Pierre Finlay and Dan Rhodes will read from their books at Brookline Booksmith in Coolidge Corner, Wednesday, November 5th.


Pierre Finlay, (a.k.a. DBC Pierre) author, “Vernon God Little,” winner of the 2003 Booker Prize