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Across this city today people here are talking about the news of the American soldiers killed in the attack on the helicopter, and their reactions are as mixed and conflicted as their own lives. At any time or place they find themselves facing tangles or razor wires sandbags and for3eign soldiers. The clatter of those American helicopters is a near constant reminder that what they do and where they go is decided only by those foreign soldiers and the Iraqis who work with them.

For many here the deaths of the young Americans are no cause for celebration; too many Iraqi families have seen their own sons killed. And in this mess there are now dozens of newspapers and Iraqi journalists trying to tell the stories of their city, their country, reporting on the conflict and the conflicted, next on the connection.


Hassan Fattah, Editor of Iraq Today, an English-language weekly newspaper based in Baghdad

Sarmad Ali, reporter for Iraq Today.