Mourning in America

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Two more U,S. soldiers are killed in the city of Mosul, their throats cut, their bodies mutilated by an angry crowd. A chilling reminder to Americans that more dead will be returning from Iraq. We won’t see their caskets coming home, though.

Since the war began the Bush Administration has enforced a 12-year old moratorium on news cameras filming caskets being unloaded off cargo planes and restricted images of memorial services being shown on TV. The president too has decided not to attend any funerals for returning soldiers, choosing instead to send letters and make private phone calls. Bush says this respects families’ privacy. But critics think the administration is choosing to minimize the hard images of an increasingly unpopular war.


John Roberts, former official in the Reagan Adminstration and author of “Rating the First Ladies”

Dr. Kenneth Allard, a professor at Georgetown University and author of “Somalia Operations: Lessons Learned”

Brian Hart, whose son John was killed last month in Iraq