America's Seniors & the AARP

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Medicare is supposed to be unassailable, a government promise of health benefits for the elderly, a sacred trust, every bit as important as Social Security. It is no small wonder that the nation sat up to take notice when a controversial Medicare bill was passed this week in Washington.

It is controversial because it opens up Medicare to the possibility of private participation, and because it does nothing to lower the actual cost of drugs. It is also controversial because the largest organization representing the elderly in America decided to work with the Republicans and is now backing the bill — all at a time when the Democrats are crying foul.

The AARP will now spend millions of its members’ dollars to defend its stance. Boomers, backlash, and the politics of the practical, in this hour of The Connection.


William Novelli, Executive Director and CEO, AARP

Tom Allen, Democratic Congressman from Maine

Viola Quirion, 77 year old senior from Maine