Stories We Missed

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As the year falls away, journalists like to look back and recall the top stories of the past 12 months, and give themselves a little pat on the back. 365 days of stories written, countless pages of newsprint and hours of broadcast on radio and TV filled. With all that news, it hardly likely we could have left any stories uncovered!

Wrong. With big, never-ending stories like Iraq, and the presidential campaign, and some of the business scandals which got a lot of coverage, other stories did slip through the cracks. Maybe it was because they were too complicated, or too far away; maybe they were about places and issues and people we’ve grown tired of hearing about. So this hour, we are talking to a few journalists, and you, about the stories we missed last year. Reviewing the archives, the stories that got away in 2003.


Geneva Overholser, editorial writer and professor at the University of Missouri School of Journalism

Rick Weiss, Science Reporter for the Wasington Post

Matthew Parris, columnist for the Times of London and Former Member of Parliament