Secrecy in Government

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The Bush administration is known for being tight-lipped. The president doesn’t like talking to reporters. The vice president has refused to reveal the inner workings of his energy task force. U.S. News investigative reporter Christopher Schmitt says the administration’s appetite for secrecy goes way beyond these high profile examples. He argues that this administration has been more aggressive about withholding information from the public than any in history. From information about national security, to the quality of drinking water, to the safety of automobile tires, the White House is distributing information only on a need to know basis, and this is frustrating activists, reporters, and increasingly, the general public.


Christopher Schmitt, investigative reporter for U.S. News and World Report

Joseph McCormick, grassroots activist

Ray Tyson, spokesman for the Traffic Safety Administration

Laura McCleary, counsel on auto safety for Public Citizen