Technologically Addicted

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This holiday season nothing is flying off the shelves faster than those gadgets and gizmos meant to make life easier. From blackberries, to multipurpose cell phones that do everything except fix your lunch, people have become increasingly reliant on technologies that once held the promise of freedom.

But for some, these technologies no longer offer freedom, but instead the burden of addiction. This hour, we explore America’s love affair with the gadget, the electronic geegaw, and all things technological. We’ll hear from a pastor who gets his daily prayers off a Palm Pilot to a therapist who runs an Internet addiction program.


Wesley Roberts, Pastor, Peoples Baptist Church of Boston;
Omar Wasow, Technology Expert and Executive Editor,

Dr. Maressa Hecht Orzack, Director, Computer Addiction Study Center

Dean LeBaron,
Founder, BatteryMarch Financial Management