Stories for Christmas

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Christmas is a time for stories, its started many years ago with the tale of a manger and some animals and a baby, in the celebration of that event, new stories come to us every Christmas.

For example, recalling the year that your sister’s family spent the day in the small room of that indistinct motel in upstate New York, unable to make it through the snow to the family get-together, or hearing once again, the story of that fire somewhere in Wales, those “clouds of smoke and Mr. Prothero standing in the middle of them, waving his slipper as though he were conducting. ‘Do something,’ he said. And we threw all our snowballs into the smoke” Up next, our own story-teller – Jay O’Callahan, takes us to his own magical world of Pill-Hill and Brookline Massachusetts.


Jay O’Callahan, storyteller.