Defending the Homeland

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Two days into this New Year, and two weeks into Homeland Security’s latest, high alert. It is the 5th time that the orange threat level has been imposed, and all that’s known at this point is that a handful of airline flights have been delayed or cancelled.

Ever since September 11th, people have spoken of a new normal, and billions of dollars have been spent to make this country a safer place. But still no one’s certain if the nation’s really safer, or just more anxious. James Gilmore, the man who oversees how America is responding to terrorist threats, is worried. He thinks the country’s becoming complacent, and worse, that the very freedoms everyone is determined to preserve, are at risk of being sacrificed in the name of vigilance. Orange Alert, Homeland Security in 2004, and the years ahead.


Former Virginia Governor James Gilmore, Chairman of The Gilmore Commission