Beyond the Hawkeye State

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Thanks to Iowa, the Democratic presidential race just got a whole lot more interesting. Pundits are proclaiming the Iowa results as a triumph of electability over electricity, pointing out that despite Howard Dean’s fundraising success and grassroots energy, the former Vermont governor finished a disappointing third. With his positive campaign and kitchen table appeal to voters, John Edwards secured a surprising second place win. And Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, whose campaign has been dogged by shakeups, is the self-proclaimed comeback kid.

Now the candidates have flown east to join Senator Joe Lieberman and General Wesley Clark in the fight for the affections of the Granite State. This hour, we look back at Iowa, and look forward at New Hampshire.


Ryan Lizza, Associate Editor of The New Republic

Lisa Wangsness, political reporter for The Concord Monitor in New Hampshire. Dick Meyers, a longtime politician in Iowa, went into last night’s caucuses a firm supporter of Howard Dean

Jean Shaheen, Governor (D-NH).