Going Offshore

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From Silicon Valley to the suburbs of New Jersey, thousands of well educated high-tech workers are waking up this morning and asking themselves “Will my job be next?” Its all tied up with the new business trend called offshore outsourcing. Research suggests that one in ten U.S. tech jobs will go overseas by the end of this year. The jobs are going to India, to China, Malaysia, and Brazil.

For companies like IBM and Microsoft, this kind of export boosts the bottom line by giving them access to well -educated and often English speaking workers at a fraction of the cost. But disgruntled employees here in the U.S. along with some state legislators are fighting this corporate relocation to Bangalore, arguing that these are American jobs.


Christopher Koch, Executive Editor of CIO magazine

Dan Pink, contributor to Wired Magazine and author of the February 2004 cover story, “Kiss Your Cubicle Goodbye;” Lance Travis, Vice President of Outsourcing Strategies at AMR research, based in Boston, MA

Marcus Courtney, Founder of WashTech, Washington Alliance of Technology Workers, Communications Workers of America – based in Seattle, WA.