Goodbye Granite State

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Although it wasn’t the sweet surprise of Iowa, the Granite State definitely gave John Kerry what he wanted. The Massachusetts Senator won the Democratic primary, landing well ahead of Howard Dean, and substantially beyond Senator John Edwards and General Wesley Clark. Swing the political spotlight now to next Tuesday, as candidates head out to Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and the traditional testing ground of South Carolina.

The dynamics of the race now shift away from low murmur of retail politics into the high octane time of big rallies, big jets, big money and big risks. Can John Kerry convince voters that he’s something more than just another New England Liberal, can his competitors keep pace?


Michael Duffy, Washington Bureau Chief for TIME Magazine

Lee Bandy, Political writer for The State newspaper, Columbia SC

Denna Winter, Reporter for the Bismarck Tribune in Bismarck, North Dakota

Jo Mannies
St. Louis-based political correspondent for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.