Horserace or Hype

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“Objects in your mirror, are closer than they appear.” Such was the rallying cry of a jubilant John Edwards after placing second in the Wisconsin primary last week. Despite the fact that John Kerry has won 15 of 17 contests to date, Edwards spun that loss to Kerry as a victory; and the press, ever hungry for a horserace, ran with it.

Since last Tuesday, the media have largely ignored Kerry’s commanding lead in convention delegates, and instead have been breathing life into the Edwards challenge, just for the sake of the storyline, some critics contend. And now, consumer advocate Ralph Nader has jumped into the ring, providing new fodder for a hungry and restless media.


Steve Jarding, democratic political strategist, former head of John Edwards PAC, and current fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics

William Powers, Media Critic for the National Journal.