Battling the HMOs

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Chant Yedalian was just 20 years old when his mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer. He was at her side throughout her illness. He was there when Zevart Yedalian got her first wig, and when chemotherapy was ravaging her body. He was there through all the paperwork and the arguments, the hopes and disappointments with the family’s HMO. The end of her fight with the disease marked the beginning of her son’s legal crusade.

Inspired and angered by his mother’s death, he went to law school himself and is now his own lead attorney in a suit against the HMO, insisting that the Kaiser Permanente wrongly denied his mother a life-saving treatment. We look at the human face of medical malpractice, and its implications for managed health care in America.


Chant Yedalian, son of Zevart Yedalian who died of breast cancer

Dr. Marylou Buyse, President of the Massachusetts Association of Health Plans.