Hedging Bets on the U.N.

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Think of it as “Back to the Security Council 2″: The sequel no one thought would happen. But with the war in Iraq still raging and the June 30th handover just weeks away, the U.S. is reaching out to the hand it slapped more than a year ago when it decided to go to war without Security Council approval.

George Bush is now publicly praising the U.N., and the role it could play in shaping Iraq’s political future. Some in the administration are now hinting that would be great to have some of those blue helmets on the ground. But even if the administration plays nice this time around, a new Security Council resolution will be a very tough sell. Others are warning that failure in Iraq is not an option, either for the U.S. or the international community.


Edward Luck, director of the Center on International Organization

Constanze Stelzenmueller, international security and defense editor of Die Zeit

Ambassador Kishore Mahbubani, representative of Singapore to the U.N.

Scott Peterson, reporter based in Fallujah

Fred Weir, reporter based in Moscow.