Rolling Out the Unwelcome Mat

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There’s a showdown brewing in New York City. On the one side, there’s an estimated quarter of a million protestors — some dead set on wreaking havoc at the upcoming Republican National Convention. On the other, there are thousands of NYPD cops, a force dubbed “the world’s tenth largest standing army.” While the activists are claiming the right to unfettered free speech and association — the cops say they are just trying to keep the streets safe from terrorism and violence. Some say the government, especially the FBI, is playing on fears to justify the intimidation of innocent activists. Others say the feds are finally doing their job–getting proactive and gathering intelligence to stop trouble before it starts.


Jamie Moran, co-founder of, a resource site for RNC protestors

Sarah Bardwell, Intern, American Friends Service Committee in Denver, Colorado;
Donna Lieberman, Executive Director, ACLU New York.