Holiday Misery

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It’s that joyful season when the ingredients of family, alcohol, and consumerism are whipped into a fury of neurosis and sleep deprivation. Some people need Percocet and egg-nog to get through one more bout of holiday party anxiety. Others prefer to spend themselves merry. The manic desire for a perfect holiday leads normally sane people to think that they can bake and deliver eight dozen cookies AND make all the costumes for the nativity play. So, why do we do it? Put down your hot glue gun, garlands and credit card and join us for a look at holiday misery and why we keep going back for more.


Allen Elkin, founder and the Director of the Stress Management & Counseling Center in New York City, author of “Stress Management for Dummies.”

Whitney Pastorek, “Entertainment Weekly” writer

Ann Hodgman, author of “I Saw Mommy Kicking Santa Claus: The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide.”