America at War

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Its been a devastating week in Iraq. On Tuesday, a suicide bomber found his way inside a mess tent in Mosul where troops were sitting down to lunch. He killed 22 people, and wounded nearly 70.

The fact that the bomber was able to penetrate such a heavily guarded base is raising new concerns about the military’s ability to protect troops from the low tech but deadly tactics of insurgents. Meanwhile here at home, polls show that public opinion about the war is shifting — with a majority of Americans now believing it was a mistake.

While pollsters and politicians track the public’s resolve on this war, soldiers and their families view the conflict through a different, much more personal prism. War through the eyes of the soldiers and their families.


Second Lieutenant Jim Meeks, who is returning to Iraq in January

Eric Blickenstaff, his brother Joseph Michael was killed in Iraq last December

Second Lieutenant Seth Moulton, currently serving in Najaf.