A Modern Adventurer

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When Redmond O’Hanlon boarded a deep sea fishing boat in the middle of a January hurricane, he knew he was in for an adventure. But he got much more. Beyond a gutting table slithering with Hagfish & Roundnose Grenadiers, he found himself adding sleepless night to sleepless night in a state that rendered him contorted, retching and utterly disoriented.

O’Hanlon is a modern adventurer, and used to roughing it. His treks in the Amazon, encounters with crocodiles, and tastings of monkey head soup are standard fare for him.

In his new book “Trawler” O’Hanlon serves up the lives of fisherman from the Orkney Islands as they battle 50 foot waves, yearn for loves left at home, and encounter both beautiful and hideous creatures pulled from the depths.


Redmond O’Hanlon, author of “Trawler.”