Nothing But the Truth

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Truth and Reconciliation is something a lot easier said than done in the play “Nothing but the Truth.” It’s written by one of South Africa’s top actors, John Kani. Its a story examining the emotional turbulence of South Africa in the years after apartheid — by looking in on the dynamics of one ordinary family. Kani knows a lot about the fight for liberation. His brother was shot and killed while reading poetry at a funeral. Kani himself was locked away in solitary confinement. He is today a self-described “cultural activist” but still he wonders if the nation has healed…and if he has too. For individuals, he says – truth and reconciliation is a whole other drama. John Kani’s play takes us away from the heroes and the exiles and the legends of liberation.


John Kani, Award Winning South African Actor, Director and Playwright. He won a Tony Award for his performance in “The Island.” Kani’s new play is “Nothing But the Truth.”