The Fearless Man

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What does it mean to be fearless? That question’s at the heart of Donald Pfarrer’s new novel, “The Fearless Man,” about a Marine infantry company in Vietnam.

The story follows Captain MacHugh Clare, a seasoned battlefield leader, wise to the ways of his enemy, sensitive to the safety of his soldiers, but unafraid to order them to “break on through” when they’re under heavy enemy fire. But even Mac succumbs to fear, and his faith in himself falters when he comes face to face with a North Vietnamese soldier who seems truly unafraid of death.

The encounter leaves Mac, and the reader, wrestling with questions about the nature of bravery, faith and fear. The novel draws upon the author’s own experience in Vietnam, and offers an unflinching and gritty view of raw combat.


Donald Pfarrer, author of “The Fearless Man.”