Born into Brothels

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Early on in the film “Born Into Brothels” we meet Kochi, a shy 10-year old with bright, darting eyes. Kochi mops the floor and gets tea and curry for the prostitutes who live upstairs. “I keep thinking,” she tells the camera, “if I could go some place and get education, I wonder what I could become.”

It’s a bold question for such a small child born to women working the sex trade in Calcutta’s red light district. And it’s the question that underscores a film following the lives of eight unforgettable children who learn to document their own lives with cameras.

It’s a story of children engaging and confronting their perilous world and of a photographer who is determined to help children find a way out of dead end lives. Surviving the sex trade, one picture at a time.


Zana Briski, photographer, now filmmaker of “Born Into Brothels,” founder of Kids With Cameras

Ross Kaufman, Academy-Award nominated filmmaker of “Born Into Brothels.”