A Walk in the Himalaya

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It was a gardener’s obsession that leads the writer from the comforts of her Vermont home…to the mountains of Nepal, a search for the perfect flower. When Jamaica Kincaid and three botanist friends set off to hike the Himalayas, she’s looking for plants, seeds in fact so she could transplant some unusual piece of Mother Nature’s work in her own garden. What she finds are villages living in fear of Maoists guerrillas, a number of different encounters with altitude sickness and fields full of blood sucking leeches. Oh, and there were those 30 foot high Rhododendrons. Kincaid finest observations though, capture everything from the simplest of a travelers fears, to those insightful reflections on what its like to be so far away from home. A Walk in the Himalaya with the writer Jamaica Kincaid.


Jamaica Kincaid, author of “Among Flowers: A Walk in the Himalaya.”