Under Fire at Harvard

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President Larry Summers’ remarks about women in science stirred the cauldron at Harvard University, and now it’s boiling over.

He has repeatedly apologized for his comments suggesting that women’s intrinsic aptitude in the sciences may be less than men. He has created two task forces on women at Harvard and he has met with students and faculty members.

But critics still say Summers’ remarks were wildly inappropriate coming from the head of the nation’s oldest university. For that, some say he should be pushed out of his ivory tower. Others argue his remarks may have caused controversy — but they’ve also prompted debate — and that is what is supposed to happen in a university. Should he stay or should he go? A mid term exam on free speech and university leadership in the 21st century.


David Laibson, Professor of Economics, Harvard College;
Nancy Hopkins, Professor of Biology at MIT

Stan Ikenberry, President Emeritus, University of Illinois, and former president of American Council on Education

and TBA.