Debating the Right to Die

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It’s called the Death with Dignity Act in Oregon, but there are others in this country who call it state-sanctioned killing. N

Now it’s up to the Supreme Court to decide if Oregon can continue to allow terminally ill patients to take their own lives using a doctor’s prescription. Already, more than 170 terminally ill people have used the state’s assisted suicide law to end their own lives since it was enacted 11 years ago.

It is an argument that goes far beyond the courtroom, to questions of morality and religion, quality of life, and the place of the state. Above all, it’s a question of choice, should someone have the right to take their own life.


Kathryn Tucker, Director of Legal Affairs for Compassion and Choices and co-council in Oregon -v- Ashcroft

Dr. William Toffler, Spokesperson for Physicians for Compassionate Care and a Professor of Family Practice, Oregon Health and Science University

Robert and Patricia Matheny, their son Pat was one of Oregon’s first residents to enact the state’s Death with Dignity Law.