The Bassline Unbound

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For a working jazz musician, home is more of an idea than a place to park the bass. Moving from plane to van to hotel to stage and back again, everywhere and nowhere winds up as home. The bass player, bandleader, and composer Avishai Cohen is making his place in his music, and that too draws a little from everywhere.

The Israeli-born composer mixes it up with Middle Eastern tones, African township grooves, Latin rhythms and straight-up Be-Bop, but its not just a mix of all that.

Avishai Cohen is classically-trained. He went through his electric phase and then earned reputation on the wood bass backing up Chick Corea, Neena Freelon and Ravi Coltrane. He’s no jazz snob, just a lover of music, testing its borders and boundaries. Avishai Cohen makes his home for an hour in our studio.


Avishai Cohen, Bassist, bandleader, and Founder of Razdaz Records;Sam Barsh, pianist, fender rhodes and melodica player

Mark Guiliana, drummer