Too Many Guns or Not Enough?

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The community of Red Lake, Minnesota today is still reeling from a school shooting, a student’s rampage that has left ten dead and several critically injured.

To most people, most times it seems that gun violence happens somewhere else, some other place — but not this month. In Wisconsin, a man walked into a church service two weeks ago, pulled out a handgun and killed seven people. In Philadelphia, nearly two dozen people were murdered in a span of just ten days, including a ten-year-old boy.

Killings like these are adding emotional fuel to the debate over the best way to stop gun violence. Some say more guns is the answer, that if everyone had a gun it would deter the bad guys. Others say too many guns is already the problem that more weapons makes violence more likely. Slipping “the safety” on or off.


Ruben Rosario, reporter for the St. Paul Pioneer Press

John Myers, Pennsylvania State Representative

Rebecca Thoman, Executive Director of the Citizens for a Safer Minnesota.