The Politics of Religion

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The passion play in Pinellas Park, Florida continues today following the Easter holiday weekend. The family of Terry Schiavo now appears resigned to let nature take its course. They were at her hospital yesterday as her body weakened and she received last rites.

But long after this family’s drama ends, people in this country will be struggling with questions about who has the power to end life, and if government, either elected officials or the courts, should have a hand in these decisions.

The Schiavo case shows once again, the power of religious conservatives to rally attention to a cause, and underlines, for those on the left and right, the political tension on moral and religious questions. The story of this woman’s case will alter the debate on everything from judicial nominations, to stem cells to abortion. Assessing the Schiavo Effect.


Christopher Shays, Republican Congressman from Connecticut

Trent Franks, Republican Congressman from Arizona

Gail Chaddock, Congreesional Correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor

Patrick Gudridge, Law Professor at University of Miami School of Law

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council.