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Here’s a quote you won’t find in a travel brochure, “South Zimbabwe, is a grand spot to pick up malaria, cholera and leprosy – if you’ve been spared Aids – so what would really gee them up now would be a spot of drought and famine, garnished with locusts and tyranny.” That’s an assessment of Zimbabwe today as reported in Sunday’s London Observer.

As Zimbabwe’s leader Robert Mugabe prepares to preside over another rigged election, the prospects for political change in that country seem agonizingly remote. But some among Zimbabwe’s 3 million exiles see reason for hope. They are part of a movement to fuel opposition within by bombarding the country from outside, with independent news and information. A voice for the Voiceless in Zimbabwe.


Abe McLaughlin, staff writer for the Christian Science Monitor

Violet Gonda, exiled Zimbabwean journalist now working for SW Radio Africa in London

Wilf Mbanga, editor of The Zimbabwean, newspaper just launched this week

Doublas Rogers, freelance journalist for the Guardian and L.A. Times.