Faith Ringgold

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The artist and writer Faith Ringgold is used to dealing with the harsh realities of life. As a black woman born in the 1930s, her path to success wasn’t an easy one.

Ringgold always wanted to be an artist. She is best known for her “story quilts,” a tradition started by slaves which combines tapestry and painting and story-telling. But when she started she was unable to sell her work or even exhibit it because people considered it too political, too ethnic — too rough — more craft than art.

More recently her boldness and originality have earned her worldwide praise and fame. She has also received tremendous support from a family full of strong-willed and creative women like her. Today Ringgold’s art hangs in the Met, the Guggenheim, other libraries and museums and many private collections.


Faith Ringgold, artist and writer.