Addicted to Oil: Part Three

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They are the cars that are marked to transform the sound and the smell of America’s roads. From hybrids to fuel cells, drivers are turning their attention to alternative fuel vehicles. The wait for a Toyota Prius, the hottest selling hybrid, is several months. Don’t even ask about the wait for the fuel cell car. It could be 10 or 20 years. But many say it is worth waiting for any car that gets 55 miles to the gallon.

In today’s world of climbing gas prices, cars that aren’t as sexy or powerful as the SUV are starting to make more sense.

Later today, President Bush is expected to ask lawmakers for billions more in tax breaks for these alternative fuel vehicles. Is this the road to the future? U.S. car makers and energy companies are saying, maybe, and still hedging their bets. The technology of driving in our ongoing series Addicted to Oil.


Byron McCormick, Executive Director, GM Fuel Cell Activities

Gregory Vesey, President of Chevron Texaco’s Technology Ventures

Dan Hyde, Executive Director of Las Vegas’ Fleet and Transporation Services.