Free Tibet or Lost Cause?

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Those maroon and gold bumper stickers declaring “Free Tibet” are looking pretty faded these days. There are no more Beastie Boy concerts, and fewer of those “Free Tibet” t-shirts on college campuses.

Instead there is a growing international silence when it comes to advocating for Tibetan autonomy within the People’s Republic of China. Among those who have not given up on this cause are those with the Tibetan Government in Exile, set up in India in 1959.

Lyodi Gyari is now the man who represents that group and its interests in talks with the Chinese government. Earlier this month, when leaders from India and China met to settle border differences and India reiterated its promise that it wouldn’t allow any anti-Chinese political activity — Lyodi Gyari was listening.


Lodi Gyari, Special Envoy for the Dalai Lama, and the lead negotiator with the Chinese Government, and Executive Chairman of the Board of the International Campaign for Tibet based in Washington

Elliot Sperling, Professor of Tibetan Studies and Chair of the Department of Central Eurasian Studies at Indiana University.