Straight Talk About Abstinence

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One of the most interesting stories in the debate over sex education came from a classroom writing assignment. A group of girls living in Mission Texas were asked to write about an important problem in their community. Mission has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the country — and so they chose to write about that.

Their script was turned into an award winning short film called “Toothpaste.” It was controversial because it talked about condoms, a forbidden subject as far as Texas’ abstinence-only sex ed curriculum is concerned. But they went before their conservative school board and managed to convince it to air the film in classrooms across the state.

This hour, we have a conversation with those students and other teens about how they see the debate over abstinence.


Laura Coria and Amanda Ramirez, screenwriters of the film “Toothpaste,” which addresses teen pregnancy issues and won a annual contest by Scenarios USA

Sean Keough, in-school teen abstinence advocate.