The Book That Changed My Life: Part One

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Take the story of a young boy, and a one legged pirate, a blind man called Pew, a mutiny and lots of rum. And you have one of the finest adventure stories ever written.

Robert Louis Stevenson wrote “Treasure Island” for his stepson in the late 1800s, saying, “If this don’t fetch the kids, why, they have gone rotten since my day.” What he couldn’t know then is that his seafaring yarn would remain a favorite to this day, and not just for children.

Paul Muldoon is a Pulitzer Prize winning poet. He says reading “Treasure Island” as a young man changed his life and helped him set course as a writer. In the first of our five-part, The Book That Changed My Life, we talk with the Irish born poet, on the Scottish writer, together on Spy Glass Hill.


Paul Muldoon, poet and author of “Moy Sand and Gravel,” for which he won the 2003 Pulitzer Prize, Howard G. B. Clark Professor in the Humanities at Princeton University.