The Next Supreme Court

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Conservative and liberal lobbying groups are gearing up for yet another major battle; this one over who will become the next judge on the Supreme Court.

As President Bush prepares to name his nominee to fill Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s vacancy, political and religious and social activists are steeling themselves for an ideological battle that cuts to the heart of a divided America. Court watchers say this decision will be among the most important of Bush’s presidency and will shape the institution for a generation.

On the right, conservatives are already fighting amongst themselves over just how important it is to have a nominee that will stand firm against abortion. While on the left, interest groups are preparing to make political hay over what they expect to be a Supreme case of presidential over-reach.


Pamela Karlan, Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Professor of Public Interest Law at Stanford Law School

Emily Bazelon, Senior Editor and legal analyst for SLATE.