Political Fallout from the London Bombings

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Investigators in London are scouring the site of yesterday’s bombs that killed some fifty people. They are scrutinizing hours of closed circuit video, trying to determine who is behind the blasts on London’s transit system.

The assumption, at this point, is that Islamic extremists are behind the attacks and the next question will be what’s to be done about it? In recent months there has been growing criticism in Britain and here in the U.S. that the war in Iraq is leading toward a future of more such attacks — that the war is a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. However, the other perspective is that winning the war in Iraq is the best way to prevent more bombings.

These early days are a time of shock and grief and solidarity against terrorists. Soon enough though, the tougher questions will come. Who is responsible, and what’s the best way to close them down.


Julian Borger, U.S. bureau chief for The Guardian

Congressman Mark Souder, Republican from Indiana;
Richard Falkenrath, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution

Jonathan Stevenson, Senior Fellow for Counter Terrorism at the International Institute for Strategic Studies

Timothy Garton Ash, eminent historian and Senior Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution;